How We Do It

Catalogues must be kept working and be re-introduced to existing audiences as well as offering up entry points for new audiences.
If catalogues sit inert, they will begin to atrophy. This is where Bella Figura can make an impact.

At Bella Figura we take a boutique, hands-on approach, representing a select number of catalogues.

We work diligently and comprehensively to ensure our copyright data matches every royalty payment as soon as that payment is triggered.

This helps reclaim lost revenue and means, in turn, we can then grow revenue streams in volume and value.

However, technology alone is not a panacea.

It can spot and fix data inconsistencies or anomalies, but the other essential component is deft and forward-thinking marketing strategies.

Bella Figura can help vivify catalogues and open new revenue opportunities for them.

Bella Figura are a small experienced team, priding ourselves on being nimble and flexible.

We adopt a commercial approach and transact efficiently, with the first question to any potential seller or partner being ‘what are you looking for?’.

We can acquire either all or part of a catalogue, and look to manage it as a true partner.

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